About the Squad

Introducing your site hosts and guide to various universes of Spilled Ink! Don’t worry! They’re here to help!

The Scholarly Squid

The Literal! The de facto leader of the Shoal Squad in all their introverted glory. A severe workaholic, if they’re not hunched over the computer, book, or research, they’re vegged out in the corner. Somehow they still manage to make decisions!

The Hedonistic Squid

The Master of the Dark and Pleasure, Ashomodai represents that particular itch you didn’t know you had. When he’s not indulging in the finer things in life, he’s absorbing all the culture and dark media he can find. But don’t worry, he always has time for you.

The Cosmic Squid

The Fantastical. Our friendly neighborhood DJ Jezebel is an eldritch glam rock goddess with a body count higher than crusades and twice as vicious. She’s here for your entertainment and spends her days indulging in the best horror and thrillers she can get her hand on while channeling her inner Britney Spears! Worship and Adore Mortals.

The People Suit Behind the Madness

Harli V. Park

“A Squid in a People Suit”

The prime creator of this site and its content. They live day to day finding their people suit ill-fitted, but still manage to make the most of everything they can. Their day consists of Hyperfixation, Not Enough Water, and Insomnia!

They’re a Gemini. Run.