Threads of Yggdrasil

“All things begin at the end. Thus, all things, good and evil, must return to Nothing…”


The Empty Darkness…

Each universe born is born in this void and eventually returns to this void. There are few constances within it save for the never fading Hringurrin. It is in this cosmic abyss that all life and matter springs forth by the command of the enternal Ædsta Eilífdina… as well as faces its complete destruction.

Yet in those fleeting moment, all things rise, all things live, and all things dance to the ebb and flow, the tug and pool of the Thread. The Thread moves all that breathes, all that hears, all that thinks and weaves a Tapestry for greater, far deeper than anything we could know.

The Tapestry of Yggdrasil is one such elegant phenomena in which we bear witness to great heroes, unfathomable magic, great and terrible inventions, and epic feats defiances of Fate. These threads weave lies, truthes and exaggerations that tell the most beautiful Tales that Ædsta Eilífdina could ever weave.


The First Tale always begins at the end….