The Playground

“You said if I ever need your services, you would help. I think, I’m ready to make deal…”


Dante Milan is an accomplished bartender and host at the prestigious Playground – a decadent club for the Upper Class and their whims. Working hard with no real direction, he finds himself the favorite of one “Vincent De Pazzi”. At least that’s the name he knows him by. He claimes to be a financial adviser, yet he only seems to take on those who are in particularly dire straits and his interest in them seems to transcend money and favors. The more Dante serves Vincent the more magnetized things become between them and Dante is becoming uncertain of what his life is.

The more lost Dante becomes… the more of himself he finds through Vincent’s careful words and binding gaze.

Content Warnings: Intense Sexual Sitations, Explicit Sex, Abuse, Alcoholism, and Violence. Reader discretion is advised

Chapters (Feb 1st)

Chapter – 1

Chapter – 2

Chapter – 3

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