Midnight Minerva

“Who better to catch a sophisticated criminal than a sophisticated ex-criminal?”


Meet Minerva Mouse. Fashionista! Model! High Class Socialite! And Dominant Business woman. Her shoes cost more than your life and her tastes ten times more. By day she’s living every career woman’s dreams of being self-made and publically loved, but by night, she is a internationally trusted private investigator who has never left a case unsolved. At least until now.

Minerva’s red bottoms are set on a path of cases she didn’t ask for leading to the most renowned criminal in the world, H Y D Ǝ. Things get heated, personal, and deadly. But Minerva has never been a lady of faint constitution.

Welcome to the After Dark Detective Agency… how can I help you?

Content Warnings: Anthropomorphic. Sexual Content. Violence. Death. Reader Discretion is Advised

The Minnie Archives (TBA)

Case no. 1: The Moonsea

Case no. 2

Case no. 3

Case no. 4

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