15 Degrees Skyward

This is the story of a universe we created… A place where you and I sat at opposite ends of the darkness painting the cosmos with iron and will and putting words into a symphony of color that lay dormant between us. Waiting to explode… waiting to be born. Waiting for both of us to wake up and begin our dream. My eyes opened first and I watched you sleep from a place where I could not reach you, where my dream could not touch yours…”


Nathaniel “Nate” Yi is an artist

Danika “Dani” Bennet is a writer

How they met was never something they deemed a profound moment in their lives. It was just something that happened in the throes of dozens of memories they’d charted amongst the stars in their shared sky. Where people who were as intimately entwined as they were could mark their lives in moments, they simply flowed with the passage of time.  Something always had to remain in the outline, in the rough sketch and never make it into the final piece. A piece that remained unfinished for years up until this moment.

How did they get here…

How did they get here…

And how far were they to go…

Content Warnings: Grief, Abuse and Death


Prologue – Prelude to Dreams

Episode 1: At Dusk

Episode 02: At Twilight


To You Across this Plane and the Next (TBA)