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Welcome to the vivid worlds of Spilled Ink where you can visit and maybe even get lost. Each word is a loveletter to your imagination and each story is an invitation to be intrigued and entertained. Enjoy your stay and you if you love it, you’re welcomed to leave a comment and donate to your favorite!

Life and times of contractually obligated Psychics (Oct 1st) – Urban Fantasy/Horror

A small town horror of a scarred child (Oct 31st) – Lovecraftian Horror

The Woven Tapestries of a world not our own (Nov 2021) – Epic Fantasy

a night club bartender bites off more than he can chew with a new patron. And that’s not so bad… (Feb 2022) – M/M Dark Romance

The shared dreams and cosmos of a boy and an immortal (April 2022) – Magical Realism / Slice of Life

The nightly dalliances of a mystery-loving mousette (Jan 2022) – Noir Crime/Adventure

Drops of stars in the ether (Oct 1st) – Various

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