Spilled Ink Commission Sheet

Want to see your characters, ideas, and concepts brought to life? Let us help you build your world! Check out these options or have a chat with us!

Clean Sketch

Starts @ $95 USD

A single character design or concept.

+ Shading + $20 USD
+1 Character+ $40 USD
+Text/Detailed Background+ $60 USD
+Less Than 90-day Timeline+ $50 USD
*Taxes and Fees NOT included in the base Price

Line Art

Starts @ $150 USD

Character; Avatar; Fan Art Designs w/ Minimal Background

+ Shading+ $25 USD
+ 1 Character+ $50 USD
+ Text/Detailed Background+ $60 USD
+Less Than 90-day Timeline+ $80 USD
*Tax and Fees NOT Included in the base price

Full Color

Starts @ $250 USD

Full-Color Character Image w/ Minimal Background

Payment Plans Available for this Option.

+ 1 Character+ $80 USD
+ Text/Detailed Background+ $120 USD
+ Less than 120 day Timeline+ $100 USD
*Taxes and Fees NOT included in base price

Full Painting

Starts @ $320 USD

Full Digital or Traditional Painting/Mural w/ Background | Physical Prints for Digital Available on Request

Payment Plans available for this option

+Less than 6mos Timeline+$100 USD
+Large Scale Printing (16in or Larger)+ $50 USD
Taxes and Fees NOT included in Base Price


I commissioned the artist for a poster of Cloud from FF for my husband. It is gorgeous! My husband loves it. So do I!

— Xixuan

I commissioned Harli to draw one of my original characters. I absolutely loved what they produced! 🖤 So much care and attention went into it and they asked me questions the whole way to make sure it was absolutely perfect. I can’t recommend Harli enough 🖤

— Sally

Absolutely spot on! I requested a TCH original for my new podcast, already knowing how skilled Harli is. They absolutely delivered. My brief was that I wanted something that mixed the origins of Medusa the Gorgon with the Rosie the Riveter poster, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result! Look how fierce Medusa is! Perfection. Thank you, TCH!

— Kim

Terms & Conditions

-You Do NOT have the right or permissions to Mint/Sell Commission for NFT


  • Character Concepts
  • Avatars (Furries Now Included!)
  • Fan Art
  • Soft NSFW (suggestive poses & themes – ex: pinups, nudity, BDSM fetish wear etc. 18+ ONLY)
  • Simple/Minimal Background
  • Provide Physical Prints


  • Other Artists’ Styles
  • Hard NSFW (explicit content & themes – ex: Gore, Vore, Porn, etc.)
  • Realism/Abstract
  • Elderly/Babies
  • Environments/Landscapes
  • Complex | Detailed Backgrounds (cyber punk cities, extreme fantasy scapes)

Payment Conditions

-75% of the total commission price is due upfront to begin your order (sketch phase). When completed you will receive a low-resolution file and any changes at this stage will incur additional fees. Upon receipt of the final payment, you will receive a full-resolution PNG file.

– SPILLED INK – TCH reserves the right to post and share all commissioned artwork and/or it’s process on any social media platforms. SPILLED INK – TCH reserves the right to sell Fan Art in print form including but not limited to: prints, posters, canvas, artbook, metal art, and more.

– There’s no completion order. You will be contacted and kept informed when your commission is started. Turn around time for all orders can be up to 6 months based on workload and complexity. If your commission is delayed for any reason, you will be contacted directly.

– Additional fees will be added to the base price if you have any special requirements or require physical prints


You can recieve refunds on FULL COLOR and DIGITAL PAITINGS ONLY.

Sketch Phase – 50% of the amount paid
Line Art Phase – 25% of the amount paid
Finalizing Phase – NO REFUND
Changes can be negotiated. More than 2 edits will incur additional charges. 5 EDIT MINIMUM

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