The Story So Far (March 2023)

So it’s been a long while since we’ve done one of these and there are so many new viewers checking out Spilled Ink. I’m excited and hopeful as I’ve worked hard to get back on the ball. A lot has happened in the past year or so from my apartment catching fire to fighting to move to new health issues. And at last, we’re here where I’m regularly making content again.

I’m happy. Excited even and I’ve managed to keep my excitement since my last update.

That being said.

As you’ve seen, I’ve caught up on reviewing books and have become an active reader again. I used the reposting of reviews as well as the release of new ones to revitalize my posting schedule. Many of you have flocked over and that has been the most satisfying, but I will warn you that you won’t always get posts daily. My goal is to have at least two-three posts a week, some reviews, some blogs, story chapters, and art. I have a few things loosely lined up to go along with my IRL schedule. I’m also planning to reopen the shop with a great new theme — which I will announce at a later date so you can get the full pizzazz!

If you are a member of my Patreon, I’ve got some good things lined up as well as some new ideas of what to give my supporters for sticking it out with me so long. And if you’re not a member of my Patreon… well why aren’t you? I’m going to make sure I’ll be giving progress shots of everything I’m doing once the ball gets rolling including some snippets from my life as I go along.

Once I get this website up and running like the beautiful deus ex machina is, I got my eyes set back on youtube. The best part — come here, come closer! I won’t be alone ;3

So there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes that will be revealed in the next “The Story So Far”. I just want you guys to get you all as hyped as I am about what’s coming!

With that being said, let’s enjoy March! Let’s get creative!

-Stay Well-Read-

PS: I hope you guys appreciate the amount of unhinged I’m about to be.


Thank you for reading! If you like what I do and want to see more, follow this site or me on Twitter @SpilledInk_Arts! Consider supporting us or Join the Spilled Ink Patreon. This is a full-time job and any help would be appreciated.

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