A Period of Adjustment – Of Charms, Ghosts and Grievances by Aliette De Bodard

So I mentioned how much this author has me in an absolute chokehold and I haven’t even read her main series all the way through yet. Well, she keeps feeding me all this delicious food and at this point I’m an addict!

This is going to be a quickie review as it’s only a novella. However, the amount of entertainment and love I have for these side stories grows with each one that is released.

We return to Thaun and Asmodeus as they’re given a babysitting assignment for their nieces while in the dragon kingdom. For Thaun, it’s extra work because he’s also making sure to keep his knife-happy husband out of trouble while they’re visiting Thaun’s family. As usual, that all goes to shit with a murder and a ghost.

Now I know it would be a concern that it’s just a rehash of the first novella, but actually, this one not only is more adventurous but it explores Asmodeus and Thaun’s relationship a bit more. How they both still have hangups that they aren’t communicating about. They haven’t been married for long and it had such a rough start as it was arranged, that there is still much they do to both hurt and frustrate each other.

Seeing the way Thaun is forced to confront his biases and his own hangups in the face of Asmodeus’s is such an interesting storyline and everything I want from a power couple like them.

I highly recommend this even if you haven’t read the Dominion of the Fallen (I’ve only just started them). They stand alone and they’re wonderful little snippets of this world. Asmodeus and Thaun are strangely very human in their supernatural immortality and it’s fun and wonderful to see their bickering, banter, and love for each other

Definitely gave it a 5-star for how much I enjoyed it, but be advised, there might be some editing issues. I found a few typos but nothing that detracted from the enjoyability of the novella. Just something to be warned of.

Thank you for hanging out.

-Stay Well-Read-

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