Who Done it and Why – Of Dragons, Feasts, and Murder by Aliette Du Bodard

Welcome back with a quick review! Today we’re dealing with a pretty, anxious dragon and his charming homicidal demon husband! So let’s run through this real quick.

Of Dragons, Feasts, and Murders is a short story set in the Dominion of the Fallen universe featuring two of its titular characters. I have not read any of the Dominion of the Fallen novels, but I will soon thanks to this book. Fortunately, you don’t need to have read the main series to enjoy this one. I’m sure there are callbacks that I didn’t notice, but they don’t take away from the fun.

To summarize, Thaun has essentially dragged his husband by the ear to celebrate the New Year with his family whom he is a bit estranged. If his anxiety about interacting with the world he essentially left behind to marry Asmodeus isn’t enough, a murder turns up and he is asked by a trusted friend to look into it and convince Asmodeus to help him. It doesn’t take much to convince him as Asmodeus seems to be fond of mysteries and murder. He doesn’t hesitate to remind you about the latter.

The more they uncover, the more danger they put themselves in and it’s actually very sweet how Asmodeus is protective of Thaun and his mental health. Despite him being a murderous demon, he is very true in his love for Thaun and knows how to restrain himself for his husband’s sake. Their chemistry is wonderful, their banter made me laugh more often than not, and their differences made their relationship very real to me.

I can’t stress enough how someone should pick up this book! It’s a wonderful read and because of it I’m about to read everything this woman has ever read.

That being said, I’ll see you guys later.

-Stay Well-Read!-

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