The Story So Far (June 2022)

It’s now Gemini season but life has been so very chaotic that we barely noticed over here. Between dealing with the aftermath of the fire and having a lot of promises broken to us, it’s been a hard fight to stay above water, much less stay creative. The extent of “one thing after another” has been so intense that part of this little team has been left brain dead more often than not and that’s saying a lot. Being a creator, especially an artist and a writer is always hindered by the call of those pesky IRL things that we wished were naturally taken care of so that we could pursue all we dream of. However, it doesn’t stop the process. We still want to write. We still want to draw. We still want to share it with you all.

So it’s been about finding the time. Changing the habits. Inventing new tactics to keep doing what we do and I’ll be damned if we don’t. So here we are. Surrounded by packed boxes with the bare minimum amount of tools available and a shifty environment to work with. And we’re still here.

Because what’s the point if we don’t keep going, right?

At the very least we can write until we get into the new place and art can start again. We definitely will continue to write and we have some proof of that coming.

It’s pride month and Juneteenth is coming soon so we’d like to have this be celebratory and inspiration to keep going with this ever-growing universe. Before we unveil what’s on the menu for this month, I’d like to take a moment to ask for help for this site.

We have a functioning Patreon all geared and ready to go. All proceeds go to supporting the creators and the projects hosted here. It’s what keeps all of the content here open and public. So if you have the time consider becoming a patron. It starts at $2 a month and you get exclusive content that others don’t have access to. The more you give the more you receive and the greater this site can become

There are also other ways to support us including Ko-fi donations and purchasing from our shop. We humbly accept any help we can get, especially now.

That out of the way, let’s talk turkey.

June is going to kick off our dive into a new universe that has been a while coming.

We will finally be introducing Threads of Yggdrasil! A mythical Norse Inspired high fantasy where technology and magic intertwine fully. We will be introducing this world to you one single star and story at a time leading up to the publishing of full web novels taking place in its world. Stories of magic, intrigue, and cultural identity all tied together by threads of destiny! The first piece of this tapestry will be posted on June 6th!

We’ve also been getting wonderful feedback for our wonderful small-town horror, Transient. It’s been inspiring to see a positive response and we want you to continue to follow the story of Ayida and her monster. If this is your first time hearing about it, allow us to elaborate.

Transient is the story of a young girl who was badly scarred and injured in a car wreck. She is forced to inhabit a town distrustful of her and on her first day of school, an incident turns accusations of murder her way. Close-knit inhabitants, unspoken terrors, and a monster only she can see terrorize the life of Ayida Jean-Baptiste in this Lovecraftian psychological horror. Interested? Click the banner and get started. Transient will be updated every two weeks and we appreciate any and all feedback given!

For my romance lovers, the Playground is fully back to its original posting schedule and chapter 3 comes out this month! June 12th to be exact! The slow burn between Dante and Vincent is absolutely indulgent as you’re given hints that something is not quite right about what our dear Billionaire does for a living! Haven’t gotten around to the experience? That’s alright, let’s give you a little taste to intrigue you!

The Playground tells the seemingly simple romance developed by one Dante Milan and a far too rich for his taste client who begins to favor his bartending skills as well as his personality. However, there’s something dark and dangerous about the charismatic Vincent that draws our poor Dante down and down and down into a world of hedonism and questionable contracts that soon, he may be too late to get out of.

I hope these two universes have you hooked and that you continue to travel in them. Unfortunately, the universe of Indigo Inc is on hiatus. They will return to their updating schedules in October 2022 as we’re trying not to overwhelm ourselves. But, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying them. The first three tales are available to read and enjoy and we would love to hear what you think of them so far as we work on them behind the scenes.

In addition, the Shaol Squad has not been brushed aside. Their projects just take longer than the average chapter as they require more legwork for us. You will be seeing their features and posts a bit more spontaneously since we’ve chosen to have them be as flexible in their posting as possible. We want them to be viewed as a lovely little treat, versus an obligatory part of the site. After all, all of this is for the love of media and art, and presenting their voices this way adheres to that.

And that’s it. That’s the Story So Far for June. Let us know if there are any suggestions, comments, or complaints about anything we have going on with the site. We love to hear from everyone and we try to make this little pocket universe as accessible as possible. So let us know how we can improve and what you think of what we have thusfar. Thank you for always being here month after a month and thank you for all of your help! We love you guys. You make doing this absolutely worth it!

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