The Story So Far (May 2022)

So our building caught on fire and we’ve been trippin’ balls ever since.

Welcome back, everyone!

A lot has happened since the last update. Some bad some good. We took a trip to California to get away from the stresses of dealing with the bad — shout out to good friends for that — and had our eyes opened to much of what we’d never thought we could do or have. Going somewhere bigger and better tends to broaden your horizons and suddenly you have a whole new perspective. Not to mention a brand new sense of purpose and motivation! Things seem possible and because of it, we have all felt a certain shift in our energies. There’s something clear in sight for us and it makes doing this feel even more tangible than it had before.

So that trip was something that we didn’t know we needed and now you all are going to reap the benefits of this. So what’s coming?


Initially, we’d been planning to participate in Asian Heritage Month, but realistically we would not be able to and honestly, the desire faded once we did the trip. It is definitely true that there will be quite a few posts on Asian media that we definitely want to talk about here, but pigeonholing it to one month feels arbitrary when this is not the only time we consume these things. Plus it would be a pain in the ass to try and push all of this into one month rather than spread them out. So instead, we’re going to post some thoughts on some of our favorite reads so far and post them as we go along.

Which brings us to our Original Content! YEAH!

This month we’re going to be releasing the next chapter of Transient! The horror continues as we get into the monstrous experiences of Ayida in this small town. If you have not read the first chapter, you can check it out here:

Session 2 will be released May 8th and Session 3 will be released May 22nd. Two chapters in one month! Woot.

We also are re-releasing our dark supernatural erotica, the Playground this month. There were some issues with the format that didn’t make it as accessible as we’d have liked. So we took our time this go around and revamped it. We will re-release the first two chapters and then continue to release chapters once a month for it where you can keep up with the brewing tension between Dante and Vincent. If you haven’t checked it out, the first chapter releases on May 15th and the second on May 29th. Check out the Story Page in the meantime and follow to be updated on it:

There will be more than just this content for May, but these were the most important. The rest will be posted upon completion including art and the like. But we’re saving a lot of stuff for June because have some wonderful things planned that we know a lot of our Patrons and followers have been waiting for! This includes updates to a very specific project:

We just want May to be the month we get things a little more structured and regular with the content. So stick it out with us and we hope you enjoy it. We promise your patience will be rewarded and we appreciate how many of you have continued to take an interest. Remember to like and share! Follow our Social Media, and consider supporting us on Patreon where we do Lore Dumps, exclusive Behind the Scenes artwork, and Free Prints! You help us keep up this full-time site and you get to reap the benefits of it all as one of our awesome Shoal Squad. Or you could make a one-time Donation to our Ko-fi. Bubble teas keep the staff functioning!

If you have questions or just want to interact with the creators more, consider joining our discord server as well! We’re always happy to have new people!